YouTubers sometimes called YouTube personalities or YouTube celebrities, are a class of Internet celebrity and videographers who have gained popularity from their videos on the video-sharing website, YouTube. Some YouTube personalities have corporate sponsors who pay for product placement in their clips or production of online ads. Networks sometimes support YouTube celebrities.

YouTube personalities


This category is for non-famous YouTubers and fictional versions of themselves. For real-life ones, see Wikipedia article.

Channel(s) User(s) Notes
Real Fictional
Blue91233 Tyler Harper Known for his logos, making GoAnimate videos, Harry gets Grounded series and fictional TV commercials. Same as real.
Eloc08 Colin Brice Herrera Original (as Cole Herrera; locked): Known for 20th Century Fox videos

2nd version (as Cole Herrera 2.0; terminated): Known for ROBLOX videos, etc.

3rd version (as Cole Herrera 3.0): Known for videos of ROBLOX, Minecraft, his favorite movie and TV logos, VeggieTales, etc.

Known for Magic Sing videos, playing ROBLOX and Minecraft, music videos of his songs, etc.
ITVdude2000 Werten a.k.a. Hoshi Same as real.
Jedidiah Cudby Known for YouTube Poop, fictional TV commercials, logos, New Zealand TV commercials and more.
Jimmy4164 Eric V. James Known for making GoAnimate videos, Commentaries, Message videos, Channel reviews, "(CHARACTER) Gets Sent to (PLACE)" videos etc.
Alexa Rice
Malachithekidd10 Malachi Tyrus
Ryan Vo
VTM on YT - Official Channel Vince Tolentino Matias Known for making GoAnimate videos, Filipino TV/radio commercials, TV sign-offs etc.
Dave d' Video Maker Dave Olaru Known for making GoAnimate videos, Channel Reviews, Daniel Reads Error Message Videos, Commentaries etc.
CubenRocks Ben Gia Tran Known for Object Shows, Vlogs, and Short animations. Known for El Kadsreian videos, souvenirs, crafts, and Language speaking.
Pantsmode Mikko Salovaara

Original (first as SuperPikachuRocks, then Laser, final name Pantsmode; terminated): Known for edits, mashups, live streams, and earlier: vlogs, animations and mostly logo uploads.

(as pantsmode; not to be confused with his former main or the current main, also terminated): Known for edits and re-uploads of his Soundcloud tracks.

(as SaloVlogs; terminated): Known for vlogs and game development updates.

(as WildshillTwo; terminated): Known for behind the scenes videos and early live streams (abandoned for almost a year before termination).

(as SuperPikachuRocks Network; terminated): Known for later logo videos.

Second generation (as Pantsmode): TBA

Known for travel vlogs, Sugar Pine 7-style vlog series, food videos, reviews (music, food, etc) and occasionally short films.

CRRE2003 unknown known for Scariest Logos list, YTPMV, YTPMV Mashup, and Gameplay. known for 2 series (The Masked Super Scratchers The Series and The Adventures of Goop the Human Sheep), Scariest Logos list, YTPMV, YTPMV Mashup, Gameplay, and Cartoons Review.
MarcBookPro Marc Schroeder Known for Apple computers, roads in Texas and some other states, Kodiak freeways made in Minecraft, and sirens. Same as real.
Bob the Tomato Films // All Hail Crystal Lord unknown Known for making Upcoming Nightmare Logos, Crystal Team X, Logo Captures and more. same as Real but making Crystal Team X episodes.
Mamon Figther 2nd Channel Known for Gameplay, YouTube Poop and more. Same as real.
PrinceBihQuiter12 Prince Bih/Prince Kommun/Biostaden 2002/Prince Youtube Kanal Known for making TV series and updates.
esaïemasters Esaïe Gregory Prickett Known for making videos.
Timothy Bararseh Known for making his imagination videos (such as this video), plus some VeggieTales videos. Same as real.
RabbitFilmMaker Tim Ordonez Known for Fake TV Airings by requests.
Charmx Karl Cloutier Known for his reaction videos; now he quits YT and he wants to be forgotten. Same as real, but he didn't quit, and he's also available on VidSpace.


Channel(s) User(s) Notes
Clyohraira Government of Clyohraira It's a YouTube channel that's owned by the Government of Clyohraira.
Royal Rairas Kilmon Ubiuhe

Que Ijlle

Uhyuk Kaxadita

Budrae Thduraha

Aesrke Yaghyn

Faitred Thraji

Kilmon and Que are monarchs of Clyohraira.

Uhyuk and Budrae are monarchs of Olparaira.

Aesrke and Faitred are monarchs of Javaraira.

Vrejzy9 Smith Kennedy
Kingmark unknown TBA
Supreme Madness Jēmusu ruburikkusu May be misspelled as "Supereme Madness".
awedosauce Awedosauce Koe
SIuterBIooter A ripping group of the same name
AwesomenessEnzo MLGBoris2011
Emma Allen Known for one of her videos magic karaoke, etc.
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