This is a list of animated series featuring lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, asexual, genderqueer, and pansexual characters, along with other (LGBTQ+) characters. This list includes fictional characters in animated cartoons, adult animation, and anime on the Dream Fiction Wiki.


Year(s) Title Character(s) Classification Note(s) Country
1965–present The Maddox Show Xoddam Gay Maddox's clone that has gone wrong, he often tries to kiss Maddox. While he is a homophobic deception by today's standards, he was progressive in 1992 when he debuted. Xoddam reappears in "Xoddam Returns" (1995) and "Xoddam Forever" (1999). Maddoxia


Year(s) Title Character(s) Classification Note(s) Country
1995-present Mintered Miss Barley Lesbian Miss Barley states that she has feelings for women in the season 10 episode "Bars". United States, United Kingdom
1996–present North Springs Mr. Buffers Drag queen In the season 16 (2011) episode "God Save the Drag Queen", Robert finds Mr. Buffers dancing while wearing a dress, and Buffers quickly stuffs fake breasts in his chest. Robert asks why, and Buffers says it is because it is entertaining and "oh so sexually stimulating". Robert realizes he is a drag queen, and spreads the word around the school, thusly causing a fiasco. United States
Jeffrey Kirbon, Spencer "Twerk" Chevrolet Gay In the season 19 (2014) episode "James x Twerk", Robert, after being dared by The Japanese Kid, makes three humorous yaoi manga volumes about James and Twerk having sex. After Tommy and Makowski read it, they pull a prank on James and Twerk where they plant notes saying they are from James and Twerk, respectively. The notes lead James and Twerk to a table, where the prank goes awry and the boys kiss and fall in love. The episode parodies slash fiction and homosexuals in fiction.
1998–2003 Science vs. Fiction Tandy Boom, Kim Lurry Bisexual, lesbian While Tandy Boom does show affection for some boys, in the series finale "The Ones We Love", she has a romantic moment with her female friend Kim Lurry. Andere
Hamilton Further Bisexual While Hamilton does show an attraction for men, he also has sex with a woman.


Year(s) Title Character(s) Classification Note(s) Country
2001–2003 Cindi and Friends Florence Bisexual/pansexual
Florence acts flirty towards all five of her friends, three of which are female. Kuboia
2001–2007 Mole Miner Harry Bisexual Harry is stated to have had a boyfriend among his previous lovers in Mole Miner: Quartz Madness!. This gained lots of controversy in America. He would later be confirmed as bisexual by Phelan Morkel in a 2018 Tweet.[1] Japan, United States
Randy Gay Randy has a tendency of displaying effeminate mannerisms, and calls Rochester "darling" in one episode. He was confirmed to be gay by Phelan Morkel in a 2019 Tweet.[2]
2002–present Aria Adventures Aria Lesbian As revealed in The Aria Movie, Aria is openly lesbian. This is seen often in the films, but her homosexuality is seen in some episodes. In one episode, Aria tells Ms. Icey she secretly has a crush on Ceeby. Brazil, United States
2003–2005 Wonderbeaver Lisa Perniola Lisa is openly lesbian, and is seen a few times hanging out with other girls. Canada, United States
2005–2006 Kid Kiss Otsune Makēno Bisexual Otsune shows interest in some women before meeting Iko, and he even wakes up with his girlfriend in his bed at one point. Otsune and Iko go on three dates before kissing in "Part 7: The End". Japan
Iko Anojima Gay
Sasu Ikai Non-binary When Otsune and Iko refer to Sasu as "he" and "him" in "Part 6: Yesterday", Sasu yells, "It's 'they' and 'them'!"
2006–present Game Play Zoom Max Mace Gay Max is a Magikoppa student at Nintendo Middle School and one of Junior's friends. He has fantasies in which he has sex with other boys, and in the season 8 (2015) episode "That Boy", he admits that the person he wanted to go to the school dance with was "a hunky male".[3] When asked about the scene, Julian Summers, Max's voice actor, replied by saying, "We all know what the show was talkin' about... right?"[4] United States
Elmo Ford Asexual ::George Parkell;; wrote in a tounge-in-cheek Twitter post that Elmo feels no romantic or sexual attraction, "only hate".[5]
2007–2009 Hush Gang Akino Hichi Gay In "Match", Akino says while smirking, "I was never interested in women. I just came to the clubs for the attractive men." Japan


Year(s) Title Character(s) Classification Note(s) Country
2010 Robertta Robertto / Robertta, Loys / Loysa Trans women / Lesbian Robertta and Loysa are lesbian trans women who are in love. Victoria
2010–present Future Run Kary Parkwaller, Liji Huang Bisexual, lesbian In the beginning of the series, Kary expresses feelings towards Liji Huang. But the same time, she hangs out with Dan often. She hugs Liji at the back of Wales Academy, and at a protest for species equality in a season 2 episode, she holds hands with Yuni. In the season 4 finale, Kary sleeps with Dan in his bed. In a season 5 episode, Kary blushes at the sight of Liji's tail and touches it. Kary stays with Liji until season 8, when he moves. In season 8, she and Dan share a long hug, and Dan and Kary send James photos of them on the beach together in swimsuits; a photo even shows Dan giving Kary a piggyback, which James reacts to in confusion. At the end of season 11, when Yuni puts on her dress, Kary gives her an expression showing that she is pleased, and she kisses Yuni's cheek as they walk back to Bracket Towers. United States
2011–2016 Kentos Kona Terracotta Lesbian Kona flirts with Lora, and she asks Hanna to go with her to Venus Island. When the two return, they spend a day traveling around Neptune Island together. At the end of the Arc 3 finale, "Dramatica", the two bump foreheads. In the series finale, Kona and Lora hold hands and walk into the moonlight together.
Lora Acacia Bisexual Lora's first romantic interest to be displayed in the series is Donni Goodwell. The two flirt with each other throughout Arc 1, and they even spend a day on the boardwalk together. Despite this, she also shows affection towards Kona. The two go to Venus Island together in Arc 2 and even bump foreheads in "Dramatica". Donni eventually kisses her cheek, and Lora holds hands with Kona at the end of the series as the two walk into the moonlight.
2012–2013 Super War Force 7 Aikudo Kisucho, Loki Gordon Gay Aikudo and Loki fall in love at the end of the series and get married. Japan
2014–present Element Wars Ruby, Emerald Agender / lesbian Ruby and Emerald have an implied relation together. The two also do not identify as having a gender. United States
Coal Gay Coal states he does not have an interest in men, but he does sometimes flirt with Gold, despite Gold not showing any signs of liking him.
Gold Bisexual While Gold formerly loved a few female Elements, including Topaz, he does have a crush on another male.
Red Quartz Non-binary While Red Quartz is technically a male, they were originally raised as a girl to stay royal to the city of Mantle. They prefer they/them pronouns.
Sapphire, Green Diamond Genderfluid / lesbian While they state they could be classified as either gender, Sapphire and Green Diamond are frequently mentioned to be lesbian.
Blue Diamond Pansexual The season 3 (2016) episode "Gone", Blue Diamond says she loves "all genders of Element" and shows affection for Topaz.
Topaz Bisexual In "The Long Run", Topaz discusses her past relationship with Gold until Gold went to war. In "Dark River", Topaz implies that she has a crush on Red Quartz.
Iris Lake Danielle Annie "Danny Ann" Brookswell Lesbian Danny Ann Brookwell's voice actress, Lori Parquez, described Danny Ann as "your typical homosexual teenage rebel" in a tweet from October 1, 2018.[6] However, the show did not confirm Danny Ann's sexuality until the season 6 (2019) episode "Doom Patrol 1000".
Rebecca "Becky" Artiza, Nicole Artiza Lesbian Becky and Nicole Artiza are the mothers of Emily Artiza who first appeared in the season 2 (2015) episode "Iris Lake: The Musical".
2015–present Blue Kai Akuda Kai, Marayo Kai Lesbian Akuda and Marayo Kai are the mothers of Soenji Kai and recurring characters.
Louis Raphael de la Vert Gay In the episode "Smaller Thoughts", Louis sings a song about how he spent his whole life looking for a boyfriend, but could not find one.
2015–2020 Silver Beach Rose Rose Velvet, Luna Lantern Bisexual, lesbian Rose experiences attraction to classmate and neighbor Jacob Peterson. She follows Jacob around school, and even asks him out in the episode "Danger Ahead". However, in the episode "Dance of Doom", Luna Lantern, a female classmate and friend of Rose from Venus Island, asks her if she would care to dance with her. The two then dance together and hug afterward. Nicole Beacon, the series' creator, confirmed on Twitter that Rose is bisexual and Luna is lesbian.[7]
2017 Sotoshi School: Fury of the Huntresses Hamido Keito / Huntress Keito Lesbian Hamido, shortly after joining the Wolf Pack, meets Yin, an Arctic fox. Although Hamido despises of Yin at first because of her popularity and good grades, she begins to feel affection for Yin. In "Book 7", Yin confesses that she likes Hamido. However, the two do not kiss until "Book 8". And in "Book 10", during Huntress training, Yin confesses that she always had a crush on Hamido, but she was too afraid to admit it because, otherwise she would not be allowed to be a Huntress when she finishes her training. Hamido also blows a kiss in Yin's direction when she leaves the city.
Yin Mai Bisexual
2017–2019 The Countryhumans America Gay As a reference to LGBT representation in the United States, America is openly gay. El Kadsre
2018–present O RLY? Browsie Click Lesbian In the episode "Everybody's Gonna Die in 24 Frickin' Hours," Browsie admits that she does not have feelings for men. However, she is seduced by Missy Nobody.
Doctor Stupid Bisexual Kn "Rewrite Yourself", Doctor Stupid states she used to date a man she really liked before breaking up, and then she fell in love with a lady who was killed by an arrow.
Hero Online Kali Freewood Bisexual Kali is a rabbit girl. While she does flirt with Drake, a male classmate, in the premiere episode, she is confused on whether or not she loves Loren. In the season 2 (2019) episode "A Dinner to Reunite", she asks Loren to go with her to the school dance; in the following episode, "One Wish", she tells Loren that the person she was afraid of losing the most was her, and she hugs her, crying. During an interview with OEN in March 2020, Ashley Meckens, Kali's voice actor and a writer for the show, stated that Kali is "aggressively bisexual".[8] United States
Jessica Stan Asexual Jessica's voice actor, Natalie Chan, stated on Twitter that Jessica, while not being lesbian, is a homo-romantic asexual.[9]
Lakeloz Devil Gay Devil is openly gay and is in love with Zarr, a Hellian part of the Purple Skull cult.
Vale High Lin Shi Lesbian Lin shows strong affection toward Mei, and kisses her cheek in the season 1 finale. Mei acknowledges this throughout the second season, and kisses back.
Mei Mao
2019 Sotoshi School: Psyclopsium Kabi Maja Intersex / agender A recurring element in the show is that Kabi Maja has female breasts and male genitals, which they struggle with daily. Only some of the Junior Huntsman know that they are intersex, and the ones who know bully them and call them nicknames such as "Breast Man" and "Miss Scrotum". Due to their breasts and feminine appearance in general, most students refer to them as a female. During their end-of-semester speech, Kabi Maja tells the students who refer to them as "her" to stop, and yells, "I have no gender!"[10]
2019–present Mandrake Premiere Julia Mandrake, Jade Cloud Lesbian Julia Mandrake, the series' protagonist, is the daughter of Adam and Eve Mandrake, the respective King and Queen of Heaven. Throughout the series, she is seen hanging out with another girl named Jade Cloud, who often calls Julia as "honey" and "sugar". In the episode "End of an Era", Julia kisses Jade on the cheek.
Roswell Newmex Gay The episode "Into Your Mind", which features a flashback to Roswell's teenage years, features him talking to a boy named Thomas on bus stop bench. After the scene, Thomas is shown Roswell a piggyback ride and a moment is featured in which Roswell and Thomas ralk to each other on a bus before Roswell gets off the bus and waves goodbye Thomas, blushing. On Twitter two days after the episode was released, Mark Kowalski, who voices Roswell, tweeted that Roswell was, in fact, in love with Thomas.[11]
Crucifix Intersex On Twitter, one of Mandrake Premiere's artist, Robbie Gonzalez, stated that he and fellow artist Mark Davidson wanted to "have fun" with designing Crucifix, and gave him both a breasts and a crotch bulge in his pants, indicating that he is both male and female, which creator Lauren Latelo approved of.[12]
Girl Hearts Girl Kathi Yang, Marsha Lopez Lesbian Girl Hearts Girl is about the lives of Kathi Yang and Marsha Lopez, two homosexual teenage girls who live in Tampa.


Year(s) Title Character(s) Classification Note(s) Country
2020–present The Spide Miles Neyla, Cait July Lesbian The two had been best friends since kindergarten, but when Miles was bitten and grew 6 extra arms, Cait did bully her until she apologized for being a jerk to her. In episode 8, Cait tells Miles that she has feelings for her. United States
Musical Howls Lady Alice Trans woman In "It's a Wonky World", Lady Alice shows a hall of photos of her growing up. In the photos of her turning from pup to adult, she is shown as a boy who begins wearing make-up and clothes made for females.
Sotoshi School: The Power of Us Lori Velvet Bisexual Lori shows strong affection for Ijiochai. The two date each other for a few weeks, and the pair kiss in "Book 4". Lori also has romantic feelings towards Ini.
Ijiochai Kiowaki Ijiochai and Lori date each other for a while, and the two kiss. However, Tokajimi catches Ijiochai kissing Koito on the lips and touching his crotch. While it was part of a dare, Ijiochai says he enjoyed it.
The Flawless Miss Jen Jay Hardy Straight trans woman The show's creator, Diego Norado Brown, tweeted that Jay Hardy, a recurring-turned-supporting character, is a heterosexual trans woman.[13]

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