Country Population Note
Flag of CD20 Island CD20 Islands 60,125,900
Flag of Jetania Jetania 21,000,000
Flag of Marvatia Marvatia 17,917,592
Flag of Tyono Tyono 16,217,524
Flag of Grakorea Grakorea 14,975,894
Flag of Ziakoren Ziakoren 12,500,000
Flag of Puerto Chango Puerto Chango 9,678,453
Flag of Kuboia Kuboia 8,000,000
Flag of Frawzin Frawzin 7,000,000
Flag of Sycrene Sycrene 6,750,000
Flag of Megassa Megassa 4,008,972
Flag of Asterisk Asterisk 2,100,100
Flag of Kherbet Kherbet 505,025
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