Fictional countries

Country Name Aldi group Since Outlets
Flag of Clyohraira.svg Clyohraira Aubjsusihe's (Rairo-Kalmyod Heritage) Supermarket Süd 1998 951
Flag of Daricajuce.png Daricajuce Aldi Nord 1975 1,029
Flag of El Kadsre.svg El Kadsre Aldi Süd 1976 (as Takeshi Aldi)
1981 (as Aldi)
Flag of Eruowood.svg Eruowood Aldi Süd 1980 1,047
Flag of Gau.svg Gau Aldi Nord 1971 (as Albrecht/Aruburehito)
1975 (as Aldi)
GauMarket (Only in English-speaking prefectures), GauIchiba (Only in Japanese-speaking prefectures) Süd 1981 2,000
Flag of Kadersaryina.svg Kadersaryina Aldi Nord 1978 1,869
Currently: Kadermart (Only in the mainland), Southern Kadermart (Only in South Kadersaryina), Aubjsusihe's (Rairo-Kalmyod Heritage) Supermarket (Only in Javaraira and Olparaira)

Formerly: Agnbar (Only in the State of Golkoablme), Faubnaynia Market (Only in the Region of Raira and the Kalmyod Islands)

Süd 1982 1,295
Flag of Makoria.svg Makoria Aldi Nord 1985 835
Flag of Minecraftia.png Minecraftia Aldi Nord 1974
Flag of North Kadersaryina.svg North Kadersaryina Northern Kadermart Süd 1991 1,094
Flag of Samikotakiou.png Samikotakiou Aldi Süd 2018 88
Flag of Saranam.svg Saranam Namart Nord 1988 801
UNN's flag (Noobian Union's flag from 1918-1979).png United Noobian Nations Aldi (only available in Western Sevoria, the Noobian Union, Southern Ektæózeruich, and most of Pechalsalavia) Süd 1962 2,893
Aldi (only available in Northern Ektæózeruich, Eastern Sevoria Northern Pechalsalavia, Gyrusistan, and the Noobian Islands) Nord 1979 1,781
Total number of Aldi Nord stores
Total number of Aldi Süd stores
Combined total of Aldi stores
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