• Carribean (will launch on early 2020)
  • United States (will launch on May 2020)
  • Latin America (will launch on early 2020)



  • in Gau and United States, HBO Max would be exclusive (in USA) streaming home of Studio Ghibli films (including Kiki's Delivery Service)
    • in Gau, Netflix will remain one of streaming homes of Studio Ghibli films, there was rumors that all Studio Ghibli films might expire from Netflix Gau on February 24, 2020, due to HBO Max but as Netflix might add Studio Ghibli films to many countries (sans United States, Canada, Japan, Eruowood, El Kadsre, Alexonia, Tasanala and Hokushi), these rumors are scrapped to make way to renew every Studio Ghibli films (excluding Grave of the Fireflies, which may expire on February 24, 2020), however 14 Studio Ghibli films (including Spirited Away, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, The Cat Returns, The Wind Rises and My Neighbors The Yamahas) will still expire on Netflix Gau on February 24 but will be readded on March 1 and April 1 respectively.
  • Euro Republics:
    • HBO Max launched on Febuary 14, 2020, free for anybody until September, similar to Disney+ had a free trial for all in the Netherlands the year before.
    • HBO Max has movies and TV shows from these brands: (*) means it is a streaming service to be merged with Max in September.
      • TNT
      • TBS
      • DC Comics
      • Warner Bros. Pictures
      • TruTV
      • VRV
      • Rooster Teeth
      • Crunchyroll
      • Cartoon Network
      • Boomerang
      • Adult Swim
      • Telepictures
      • Lorimar Television
      • HBO
      • Cinemax
      • South Park Studios
      • United Artists
      • Metro-Goldwyn Mayer
      • Lionsgate Pictures
      • Studio Ghibli
      • The CW
      • Castle Rock Entertainment
      • New Line Cinema
      • CNN
    • HBO Max ER also has Live TV from all of the WarnerMedia Euro Republics television channels.
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