This is a complete list of individuals who have died within The Drillimation Series. Each death is organized by the game/anime series where it is either mentioned or occurs.

Touhou Project

Victim Killed by Reason Date of death Last line(s) Note(s)
Yuyuko Saigyouji 693 AD Usually revives herself.
Yashiro Hakurei Mima Killing Curse 1687 "No, let Reimu do this!"
Mima Reimu Hakurei Evil Sealing Circle 1690 "I've been cursed by a bunch of young kids!" Was defeated for revenge on killing Yashiro.
Eirin Yagokoro Committed suicide Drug overdose 1694

Lucky Star

Victim Killed by Reason Date of death Last line(s) Note(s)
Kanata Izumi Dr. Manhole Killing Curse October 31, 1983 "Take Konata and go! I'll fend him off!" Was killed after Manhole realized that Konata would murder him. Was later reincarnated to become coronated as queen of the Lucky Star Kingdom.
Yutaka Yamamoto Eguri Hatakeyama Headshot July 20, 1990 Assassinated.

Chuhou Joutai

Victim Killed by Reason Date of death Last line(s) Note(s)
Hanayo Katsuragi Natural causes Childbirth May 25, 1988 Died in Fred Fuchs' home shortly after giving birth to Jack Fuchs.
Soichirou Kishimizu N/A Throat cancer March 10, 1991 Mentioned only in passing.
Tsumugi Chikami N/A Congestive heart failure August 22, 1992
Kenta Kazami N/A Lymphoma November 5, 1992
Honoka Akimoto N/A Natural causes March 18, 1996
Hikari Uchida Takumi Hearthcliffe Slit throat. March 13, 2000 Killed for revenge on confiscating his Game Boy and to make his knife into a horcrux.
Junji Ebina Takumi Hearthcliffe Headshot February 2003 Killed to make the sprite into a horcrux.
Asuka Oguchi Natural causes Kidney failure December 21, 2007 "Shigeru, be a brave widow."
Junzou Tsukimoto Kagami Ochiai Decapitated March 11, 2008 "Avada Kedavra!" Died during the Second Battle of Minecraftia.
Takumi Hearthcliffe Susumu Takajima The destruction of his horcruxes and the Diamond Knife's true owner being Driller "The World!!!"
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