This is a complete list of fatality moves used in the Super Smash Keyboards and Killer Minecraft series. All moves are listed by character and are sorted to which game they first appeared in.

Super Smash Keyboards

Wataru Hoshi

Move Input Description First appearance
Toasty Shield + Up + Up Wataru's trademark fatality that has appeared in almost every game. He takes off his helmet or headphones and proceeds to roast his opponent by breathing fire on them. The victim turns to ashes and then disintegrates. This often results in Masahiro Sakurai saying "Toasty!", due to this being his favorite fatality. Super Smash Keyboards
Spear Slash Attack + Forward + Forward Wataru pulls out his spear and then proceeds to slash his opponent's throat and then their torso, which causes them to fall to the ground. Super Smash Keyboards 2
Riot Annihilation Forward + Forward + Down + Up Wataru strikes his victory pose like normal as the ground shakes violently, but summons a riot of youkai, which then proceeds to beat up the victim. The fatality is so brutal that causes the screen to fade to black as a splat and the victim's scream can be heard. Ultimate Super Smash Keyboards 2
Scorpion's Sting Back + Forward + Forward + Back Wataru himself transforms into a scorpion, and then proceeds to stab his opponent with his stinger, and then proceeds to shake them before slamming them on the ground. This was a fan response from complaints that he had a penguin for his Animality. Super Smash Keyboards 3
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