This is a list of national capitals, ordered according to population. Capitals of dependent territories and disputed territories are marked in italics. The population statistics given refer only to the official capital area, and do not include the wider metropolitan/urban district.


Rank Country/Territory Capital Population % of
1 Flag of Azara Azara Azara City 237,300,000 0.21%
2 Flag of Goiky Goiky Yoyle City 19,292,101
3Flag of Trimaka Trimaka Trnamdibi &1000000001572905800000015,729,058 43.9%
4Flag of Kadersaryina Kadersaryina Kadestristch &1000000001282908300000012,829,083 21.4%
5Flag of Croeya CroeyaNeedale &1000000001176834600000011,768,346
6Flag of Jaymawakin Jaymawakin Atmradild &100000000091037190000009,103,719 15.86%
7Flag of Daricajuce Daricajuce Kymo'otoa &100000000082709170000008,270,917 44%
8Flag of Saranam Saranam Sasinamid &100000000073018920000007,301,892 30.5%
9Flag of Vilaharshe Vilaharshe Aradarak &100000000069940810000006,994,081 54%
10Flag of Juulzaden Juulzaden Uguandue &100000000069682090000006,968,209 25.87%
11Flag of Makoria Makoria Triachanicericsh &100000000062955180000006,295,518 28.69%
12Flag of Uhajut Uhajut Libedar &100000000056929260000005,692,926 28.18%
13Flag of North Kadersaryina North Kadersaryina New Kadestristch &100000000056019420000005,601,942 21.5%
14Flag of Clyohraira ClyohrairaFlag of Kalsmark Kalsmark &100000000026172860000002,617,286 22.57%
15Flag of Malichka Malichka Dvoreki &100000000022502990000002,250,299 23.09%
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