This is a complete list of national days within fictional countries.


Color Meaning
Independence Marks the day a country declared independence from another country.
Unification Marks the day a country was either founded or confederated.
Other Reasons vary; examples include marking the day a sovereign was born, ascended the throne, etc.


Country Type Day Reason for celebration
Flag of Choushima Choushima Unification December 9 Marks the end of the Choushimese Revolution and founding of the Democratic Island Kingdom of Choushima.
Flag of Conlandia Conlandia Independence March 5
Flag of Conlandia Conlandia Other April 14
Flag of El Kadsre (1989-present) El Kadsre Unification September 21 Founding of El Kadsre in 1950
Flag of Kuboia Kuboia Unification late February/early March Founding of Kuboia in 1987
Flag of Minecraftia Minecraftia Independence May 17 Declaration of independence from Swedish and Japanese rule on May 17, 1809
Flag of Nishiyama Nishiyama Unification November 16 Founding of Nishiyama in 1794
Mobuis flag Mobuis Replacement February 2 Celebrates hedgehogs (including Sonic)
Flag of Samikotakiou Samikotakiou Unification Apr 23 Establishment of Samikotakiou in 1815
Flag of Samikotakiou Samikotakiou Independence May 2 Independence of Dakoyal, Mesliun and Lumauyoa from the British Empire, Tokugawa Shogunate, Joseon and Portuguese Empire on May 2, 1810
Flag of Samikotakiou Samikotakiou Other Apr 23 Unification of the Islands of Dakoyal
Flag of YinYangia YinYangia Independence October 23 Dissolution of the Toralaq Republic and declaration of independence.
Flag of Yuru-charaia Yuru-charaia Other February 1 Yuru-charaia wins war against Valdish

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