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This is a complete list of productions by Drillimation Studios.



Series Episodes Year(s) ran Note(s)
Mr. Koko 182 1961–1968 First anime series by the studio.
Ranger Man Fantasma 100 1969–1973
Space Ninja Boy Oija 110 1972–1975
Star Girl Mayuko 120 1984–1989
Mr. Driller 120 1986–1988
That Crazy Professor Bazinger! 86 1990–1992 Remake of Bazinger!
Archy and Mehitabel: Stories from Shinbone Alley 70 1991-1992, 1994 Based on the Shinbone Alley film.
Otter Magician Sammy 150 1993–2000
Ups & Downs: A Prophet's Journey 40 2016-2017 Based on the legend of the supposed tomb of Jesus in Aomori.
Racer Ruby! 10 2019 Based on the manga of the same name.

Foreign animation

Series Episodes Year(s) ran Note(s)
Bazinger! 65 1977–1980 Produced by Filmation and Viacom Enterprises with character designs by Drillimation.
Mr. Driller USA 110 1987–1989 American adaptation of Mr. Driller.
The Roboroach: Bio-Enhanced Armor 90 2000-2003 Co-produced with El TV Kadsre Animation and Silver Bullet Television. Based on the Exclamation Comics character by Akira Hisashi
Rally Adventures 268 2003–2007 Produced by Drillimation Studios Latin America.


Series Episodes Year(s) ran Note(s)
GO! High-Speed Warriors 1 50 2018–2019


Film Type Running time
Year Rating
Miyuki's Avalanche Animated 22 1986 PG Nominated for Best Animated Short Film.
Touhou 5.5: Mima's Great Defeat Animated 22 1990 PG TV special. Nominated for Best Animated Short Film.
Super Smash Keyboards: Rising of the Advent God Fist Animated 101 1995 PG 1 Won for Best Special Effects.
Super Smash Keyboards: Annihilation Animated 95 1997 PG
Lucky Star Kingdom Animated 95 2005 PG 1 Won for Best Original Score.
Driller Engine Grand Prix Hybrid 98 2006 PG
The Drillimation Movie Hybrid 94 2009 PG
Blitzivan X Touhou Project Animated 144 2009 PG Crossover film between the Touhou Project and the Blitzivan franchise.
The Touhou Project Movie Live-action 119 2011 PG Nominated for Best Actress, Best Original Song, Best Costume Design, Best Special Effects, and Best Sound Editing.
The Six Notebooks of the One in Grey Animated 95 2013 PG-13 Drillimation's first PG-13 film.
The Drillimation Movie 2: Mr. Driller in Hollywood Hybrid 105 2018 PG


  1. Won an Academy Award.

Video games

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