Like with other game franchises, the Super Smash Keyboards series has had an extensive history of rumors surrounding it, formerly in magazines but now on the internet. Most of these rumors are usually widespread around the time of April Fools' Day,

Driller Engine 2 Era

Super Smash Keyboards

The fatalities were easter eggs

When the first Super Smash Keyboards game was released in 1992, many players were completely unaware of the fatalities until several major gaming magazines such as Famitsu, Nintendo Power, GamePro, and El Kadsre Gaming published articles on how to pull off these moves.

Super Smash Keyboards 2

"Hentai" code

One player apparently spread a rumor saying that players can fight nude via a cheat code. However, this was apparently a hoax, as no such sprites of it were present in the game's data and could only be achieved through means of modding.

"Curse" code

Another player discovered that there was a code that can let Wataru say "Get the hell over here!" This was again a hoax and the line would not be implemented until the first Killer Minecraft game.

"Extreme violence" switch

Another player spread a rumor that there was a dip switch on the back of the Super Smash Keyboards 2 arcade cabinet that could increase the amount of blood spewed from each successive hit but was a hoax as no such switch was present on the cabinet.

Reimu Hakurei is playable

In the Forbidden Bridge stage, Reimu Hakurei can be seen in the background fighting another. This led to rumors whether Reimu was a playable fighter in the game, as she was a highly-requested fighter for the Super Smash Keyboards series. One player spread a rumor that she could be unlocked on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis versions by playing 250 VS. matches but was nowhere to be found. Reimu would not be playable until Super Smash Keyboards 4.

Ultimate Super Smash Keyboards 2

Susumu Takajima is playable

Susumu Takajima, who appears for a split second at the very beginning of the intro for the PlayStation version, was thought to be playable. One April Fools' prank pulled in GamePro in the April 1996 issue was he was unlockable after players scored five kills in Cruel Melee. This was a very difficult challenge to pull off, as Cruel Melee is exceptionally difficult.

Takajima was originally planned to be a playable fighter to promote Anime Atrocities, but was scrapped as he did not yet reach mainstream popularity. He would not be playable until Super Smash Keyboards 3.

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