If you see this symbol (*) then it means that the ban has not been lifted yet.

Item/Name Year of Ban Type Reason Lifted
Donald's Restaurant 1967 Restaurant banned due to this restaurant is came from Ivanland, which has too much weirdness and also logo stole Donald Duck face. *
The Pony Man 1984 TV show banned due to hugest rip-off of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, this ban force this show to be taken off from Bairanese Network No. 2 *
Jaskalism 1991 Political ideology Banned due to the massive scandals and corruption in Bairan, mass suppressing, imprisonment, executions, and purging the political opposition, and letting Carnade to do whatever they want without any restrictions against their actions and operations. *
Virtual Boy 1997 Game console Due to causing eyestrains and headache, forcing people who used Virtual Boy to sell it to Bairanese Government *
Hot Coffee Mod 2004 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mod banned after realizing the game could be modified to find it, the entire game (except Hot Coffee mod) are not banned. *
Furry fandom 2006 TBA Bairanese Government forced Furry fandom to banned due to unknown reasons *
Lychee and the Dog Meat Festival 2008 Animal rights banned due to Animal Welfare *
Showing Female Muslim Persons' Hair in Public 2008 Verb all Female Muslim persons in Bairan are encourage to wear Hijab, must cover her entire hair *
Burqa and Niqab 2010 Clothing due to controversy regarding Burqa ban, all Muslim Women wearing Burqa or Niqab are encourage to wear Hijab *
Yuru-chara haters 2012 Hatebase banned due to this Hatebase decaying popularity of Yuru-chara, all People (in Bairan) who hates Yuru-chara will forced to send to Clyohraira, Gaburayon or Tasanala. *
Michael Rosen's Super Show 2013 TV show banned due to huge rip-off of Super Mario's Super Show *
Boku no Pico 2014 Anime Banned due to lot of hentai *
Guacamelee! 2015 Game banned due to Juan Aguacate and Tostada's mask is scaring too many Bairaneses, lifted due to protests. 2016
Cookie Run Haters 2017 Hatebase banned due to this Hatebase decaying popularity of Cookie Run, all People (in Bairan) who hates Cookie Run will forced to send to Clyohraira or Gaburayon. *
Danky Dawg and the Dabimals April 2018 TV Show banned due to its characters's designs is looks like Gangster *
YouTube Rewind 2018 December 15, 2018 YouTube video Being the most cringe and most disliked video in YouTube *
Lesbophobia 2018 Hated towards Lesbians As an agreement for Anti-LGBT ban, Lesbophobia has been banned. *
Homophobia 2018 Hated towards Homosexuals As an agreement for Anti-LGBT ban, Homophobia has been banned. *
Biphobia 2018 Hated towards Bisexuals As an agreement for Anti-LGBT ban, Biphobia has been banned. *
Transphobia 2018 Hated towards Transgenders As an agreement for Anti-LGBT ban, Transophobia has been banned. *
Islamophobia 2019 Hatred towards Muslims Banned due to the New Zealand Christchurch shooting. *
Pokémon: Sword and Shield 2019 Game banned due to being most disliked games in E3 2019, this game is never released in Bairan *
Modding Game Consoles and Save datas 2019 Modification It is illegal to mod game save data and game consoles. *
EU Article 13 2019 Law due to controversial reasons *
Amatz May 2019 Shanti Dope song banned due to the lyrics promotes drug. *
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