These things were banned by the government of Circlia, due to some reason or more. Though it's still legal to own a copy, it's currently illegal to sell or rent banned games/VHS/DVDs.

"no" means it's not lifted yet.

Name Type Reason and/or notes Lifted
Thalidomide Drug The first ban. The drug was banned due to its effects. no
The Clockwork Orange Film Banned due to its extreme depictions of violence and rape. no
Porn Lifestyle Banned due to exposing private parts, especially in child porn. When Circla got a new presitent after only 3 weeks, he unbanned porn. 2019
Children's Island Film Banned due to child pornography concerns. A version with all of the sexual content cut is allowed and is rated AT, while the uncut version (the one banned in Australia as well) is banned from any sort of sale or rental. no
Hentai Manga type Banned due to being not for children, but ban was lifted and all hentai manga has a sticker saying that's not for kids. 1981
Child abuse Abuse Banned due to being too torturing. no
Caillou Joins the Circus TV show episode Banned due to the main character self-torturing in the episode. On the intro, the part is replaced with Caillou playing with the blocks in the playgroup episode. no
Spiderman and Elsa videos YouTube stuff Banned because it was found innapropiate for little kids. no
Litton Entertainment Company Banned due to commiting suicide ruining kids' content. Any manager is blocked from entering the country. no
Fortnite Video game Banned due to kids being addicted to it and not wanting to go to school. It also makes losing friends. Fortnite players, including girls, were sent to North Korea. no
Marijuana Drug Banned due to its effects. no
Bombs Object Banned because it once exploded the town hall. Ban was suddenly lifted. 2010
Doraemon TV show Banned for being "stupid, foolish, teaching wrong things and being idiotic". Ban was lifted in 2014 and clean version was made and aired on Disney Channel. However, the unedited version now airs on Adult Swim.

(NOTE: The pre-2005 ones are not banned)

PETA Animal rights Banned due to making crappy games and killing animals. no
Winx Club TV show Banned due to giving kids seizures. no
Zara Dawson Artist First ban after the Chinese border wall was destroyed. This artist is banned from entering this country because Circlese residents hated her songs. no
STFU Song Banned because it sounded like a insult. Memes of it are still allowed. no
Kiddish material Material Banned because of the war that many people thought Kidsney was the worst country ever. However, material from New Kadesia is still allowed. no
Deadspin Website See Banned in China no
Nintendo Switch Lite Video game console Banned due to replacing the Nintendo 3DS. 2019
Tamagotchi Franchise Banned due to annoying designs. Ban was lifted by the police in August 2019 2019
Charlie's Colorforms City TV show Through the most of Circlia, Charlie's Colorforms City was banned due to ugly designs. 2019
Homophia Lifestyle Banned because there's nothing wrong with being LGBT. no
Baby Shark Song Banned to prevent "mass craze" no
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