Name Date of ban Type Reasons and/or notes Lifted
Assault weapons Aug 4, 1991 Weapons Banned for only personal use Feb 23, 2019
Rocket launchers
Individualism Political Ideology It sidetracks people from acknowledging structural contributors to their nation's problems.
Bomb Kits Weapon Kits Due to the increasing incidents of bombings in the country
Existentialism Mar 27, 1992 Political Ideology Due to the government of Kaga'ahjo banning individualism.
Cigars Feb 23, 2019 Cigars It's causes cancer and cardiovascular disease
Tobacco Cigarettes Cigarettes They have more tar than e-cigarettes and cause more deaths than e-cigarettes.
Biological Warfare Warfare It causes a lot of damage to the environment
Chemical Warfare
Anti-liberalism Political Ideology They opposed liberty and that promotes discrimination on Liberals
Anti-socialism They opposed equality and that promotes discrimination on Socialists
Social Darwinism Mar 18, 2019 Due to be connected with Nazism and Fascism for the survival of the fittest.
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