TV Episodes

Name Banned Reason Lifted
Wormy mid 2002 Too scary, airings of Patty Hype were replace it with Help Wanted & Reef Blower. 2002 (DVD release with warnings) 2004 (Edited TV release)
A Pal For Gary early 2011 Out of character, airings of Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful replace it with Roller Cowards. N/A
Stark Raving Dad March 2019 Due to theories about Michael Jackson being a pedophile, only aired again once in November 2019 to boost low ratings. N/A
Maddoxia The "Beautiful" July 2019 Episode of the Simpsons Extra, banned due to mocking Maddoxia and Maddoxian beliefs, Matt Groening had to fine $25,000 US Dollars to the Maddoxian TV Council. N/A
Marge In Chains March 2020 Banned due to presumably predicting the Coronavirus. N/A


Name Banned Reason Lifted
Vaping early 2018 Same reason as smoking April 2018 (without Nicotine)
Smoking 1973 Unsafe and dangerous N/A
Knights Inn mid 2010 Filled with bedbugs N/A
Comic Sans 2011 It sucks, in Microsoft's default fonts, it was replaced by Futura and later Comic Neue in 2014. N/A
Breakfast At Tiffany's 2013 Due to a backwarded depiction of an asian, unbanned 1 month after with either it cut or warnings after all commercial breaks. 2013
South Park 2000 Offensive towards some Canadians 2003 (With lots of warnings or edited)
Anita Sarkeesian late 2015 For being sexist towards men N/A
Spiders 1918 Poisoning, all spiders found must be killed N/A
Abortion 2019 Due to the new murder laws N/A
CNN 2014 Due to fake news 2016 (only for anti-CNN material)
Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling 2019 Never aired or on Netflix due to "promoting underage transgender surgery", MTVC president said "We're not transphobic, but we don't want kids to be abused because of "progression"" N/A
One Million Moms 2019 Very homophobic, "Even as a conservative country, their radical homophobia disgusts me, gays should be treated fairly as straights". N/A
The Simpsons Movie 2007 Banned due to bart's frontal nudity being exposed for a split second, unbanned after editing it out. 2007
Guns 2019 Same as Abortion but only in schools N/A
PornHub 2015 Only banned for under 18s due to new internet laws. N/A
Pro-abortion 2019 Due to the new murder laws, all protestors will be flung to the nearest sea. N/A
Annie (2014) 2016 Due to a new "Blaxplotation" law installed in 2016. N/A
Antifa 2019 Due to attacking an Asian man with Maddoxia's high population (47%) of Asians. N/A
The Communist Manifesto 2017 Due to being pro-communist, all previous purchases of the book online replaced by George Orwell's 1984 or if they have both, $25 in e-cash. N/A
The Little Mermaid (blaxplotation adaptations) 2019 Due to #NotMyAriel going to the Number 1 spot on Twitter Maddoxia on 4th of July for 6 hours, surpassing #IndependenceDay at Number 2, as well as the 2016 Blaxplotation law. N/A
Black Lives Matter/AntiFa/Police shirts 2020 Banned from all retail stores due to fear of violence. Estimated September 2020
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