Here is a list of things banned in Sealandia

Ban List

Name Type Reason Banned Lifted
Fortnite Video Game Because it is too Addicting and causes real Deaths in the United States 2017 Never
P.E.T.A Animal Abusers Banned because they claim they save animals but the actually “Mercy” Kill Them they also post “P##N” which is already banned 2014 Never
Detention Punnishment Banned because it is illeagal for a child to stay in school past 3:00 PM unless after school activities 1899 Never
P##N Hub Website Banned so weirdo teens don’t watch it Since the site launched Never
Roblox Game/Site Banned Cause ODERS Was unbanned a day later for unknown reasons April 31st 2018 May 1st 2018
EA/Origin Game Distributer Banned because they put too much expansion packs in there games, Some games (Such as the Sims) are Distributed by other companies on Disc with the expansion packs already in the game February

28th 2010


18th 2011

Puopy Mills Dog Breeding Facilities Banned due to mistreatment of the animals inside of it 1900 Never
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