Lifted blank (or =) - not lifted

Name Type Banned Lifted/Ban reason
English Uncyclopedia Wiki 2017 2015/ Because new version = pornographic and tricked some Tsukiese newspapers.
GoAnimate Website 2009 2017/ GoAnimateSucksbecauseGroundedVids2017
Nudity and porn Cleavage 2008 1896/ because it shows thousands of boobs, nobody wants that.
Dennō Senshi Porygon TV series episode December 16, 1997 Banned because of it causing seizures to more than 578 children in Tsuki, and 600 children in Japan. The episode was aired only one time in Tsuki.
Ads Popups 1995 1997
Kids songs YouTube Videos 2013 2018
Fortnite Video Game 2018
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (and their members+games) Animal rights 2004 Banned due to thousands of animal cruelty.
XXX domain websites Websites 1991 Blocked due to their excessive pornographic content. =
Justin Bieber Singer 2015 He was banned to let inside the country because his songs are terrible. =
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