This is a complete list of things banned in Nintendosia by their ministry of culture.

Name Category Ban Date Ban Lifted Reason(s) Note(s)
Teen/Adult content Content 1985 These content are banned after the government wanted to ban this type of content (due to the region having more children than adults).
Splatterhouse Game 1988 The game was banned due to its use of violence, which is against Nintendosia's law on teen/adult content.
Earthbound Game 1995 The game was recalled due to the final boss scaring children.
Virtual Boy Console 1995 This console was never sold in Nintendosia due to people getting seizures, headaches, and nausea.
South Park TV show 1997 This show was banned due to profanity, violence, and blood, making the show controversial.
Grand Theft Auto (series) Game 1998 These games contain high amounts of violence as well as sexual themes.
Luigi's Mansion Game 2001 The game was recalled due to the game being "too scary for children".
Conker's Bad Fur Day Game October 2001 The game contains a high amount of violence as well as blood.
RapeLay Game 2006 There was a case in Nintendosia where a young girl murdered her family (she was later arrested), this game was banned in order to avoid controversy.
Teen Titans Go! TV Show 2013 The show contains "adult references", as said by the government.
HowToBasic YouTube


2015 This youtube channel contains "clickbait titles" on their videos, due to the fact that it starts with "How to", and they are not "tutorials", in fact, this YT channel destroys "important stuff" as well as being "naked".
Plainrock124 YouTube


2017 This youtube channel destroys "important stuff" (such as game consoles) as well as saying swear words (such as the B-word).
Cartoon Network TV channel May 2019 June 1st, 2019 This channel was closed in May 2019 due to the channel airing "nothing but Teen Titans GO!", in which the show was banned in that region.
Coronavirus Virus December 2019 Although not really banned, everything in this country is closed during the pandemic.
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