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This is a list of unmade and unreleased television series, telefilms and films of the Technic Heroes franchise. Some of these films were, or still are, in development limbo.


Title Year Description
Robotman 1958 Robotman was originally planned to be released in 1958, as the first film of Heroes of EKTV, The originally planned name for Technic Heroes, though Technic, an energy drink wasn't invented until 1973. The film was canceled and never made it to production due to the difficulties of making suits for the movie. However, the film was reworked and released eighteen years later.
Robo III 1981 This planned sequel is about how Robo team taking over East Germany and however they destroyed the Berlin Wall and reunited Germany. The project was abandoned in favor of Quest for the Masks.
Bionicle X 1990 The tenth movie was intended to have been about Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina, Gresh, and Berix traveling from Melbourne through the Simpson Desert to find the power source hidden in the Valley of the Maze. They would also make new friends along the way: Oris, a jungle tribe Glatorian, Tera and Likus, two con-artists from the Iron and Ice tribes, and a defected Skrall. The movie would end with Mata Nui, Kiina, and Ackar landing in South America, with biomechanical dinosaurs. The movie was intended to be released on June 11, 1990, but instead, the movie was canceled. Instead, the 1990 story was changed to Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina, Gresh, and Berix, travelling to El Kadsre and Makuta Teridax coming to El Kadsre, for a final battle against his former "brother," Mata Nui, due to many Technic Heroes fans having pleaded for this battle, budget cuts, and due to the fact that the El TV Kadsre was no longer getting any new profits from Bionicle. Bionicle X: The Journey's End was aired on El TV Kadsre 1 on June 16, 1990.
Bionicle XI 1991 No official information was released on the eleventh film by El TV Kadsre, other than that it would have continued to follow the journey of Mata Nui and his company in their quest to discover a method of restarting the prototype robot. It would have been distributed by Universal and El TV Kadsre Films; however, there is no record of a script or story treatment, nor is there any indication that the content and tone of the film had been planned any further by the time of the cancellation of the Bionicle franchise.
Bionicle 1995 The proposed reboot is intended to be about six teenagers turning into the Toa and their mission is to claim the golden masks of power and try to save El Kadsre City from Skull spiders and Skull warriors. The film was cancelled due to the hiatus of Technic Heroes caused by the negative reception of Hero Factory VI: Invasion From Below.
Journey to Caelum: The Nova Orbis Story 1995 Journey to Caelum: The Nova Orbis Story was originally planned for the 1995 theatrical release. The film is a prequel of Nova Orbis 2: Return of the Team Miro, which tells a story about Team Miro, traveling to the city of Caelum, where they met the Venators, the knights of Caelum. The production of the film was complete but canceled due to the hiatus of Technic Heroes caused by the negative reception of Hero Factory VI: Invasion From Below. The telefilm of the same name was aired in El TV Kadsre 1 on November 21, 1996.
B11: Bionicle: The Next Generation Part 2 1997 B11: Bionicle: The Next Generation Part 2, which is a planned sequel of Bionicle: The Next Generation is intended to be about the Toa, traveling the desert of El Kadsre where they met the Mikasu family. However, the shadow version of El Kadsre City brought into existence, full of dark protectors and inhabitants, Makuta reigns over and leads an army of darkness over the island,, supplemented with beasts. The film was canceled during production due to the negative reception of Bionicle: The Next Generation.
The Quest for the Masks II 1999 The proposed remake of the 1982 film Quest for the Masks II which is going to be directed by Liam Benson. The project was however scrapped due to the mixed reception of the 1998 remake of the 1981 film The Quest for the Masks
Midgygiant 2002 A film adaptation of the television series of the same name is intended to be about how six teenagers receiving SMS messages to go to Kolm to become Team Eques and tried to save Kolm from Lucifer. The project was scrapped in favor of Boost 2: Powered Style.
Escalobots 2003 This proposed film adaptation of the comic/manga is about the Escalabots team stopping the evil forces from taking over CBS Television City and invited to the set of The Price is Right and forced to shoot announcer Rod Roddy himself and taking over Hollywood. However, the film was never materialized.
Robolights 3 2004 Robolights 3 is planned the third installment of the Robolights franchise, which is about Robolights beating up with a gigantic robot which end up taking over both the United States and El Kadsre. The film was however canceled due to the negative reception of Robolights 2: Lost World.
Mission 101 2005 This proposed film adaptation of the episode from Beyond Explorers is about how the Mission 101 team is trying to take over Canada and however they both take over El Kadsre and Canada.
Astromony 2013 A film adaptation of a comic/manga about the Astronomy team rescued to save Paris from destruction and took over the world. Plans were scrapped in favor of Battlecolypse.
Battlecolypse 2 2015 Battlecolypse 2 is a planned sequel to the 2013 film Battlecolypse where the members met a big robot to try to get into a big giant robot, but end up taking over the UK and El Kadsre. The film was canceled due to the mixed reception of Battlecolypse.


Title Year Description
Gradius vs. Technic Heroes 1997 Gradius vs. Technic Heroes is a proposed crossover between Konami's video game franchise Gradius and the Technic Heroes franchise which is due to air in 1996 on El TV Kadsre 1. The telefilm was however canceled due to the negative reception of the 1995 film based on Konami's video game franchise

Television series

Title Year Description
Wagobots 2000 A proposed spin-off of Beyond Explorers which is about four Wagobots is trying to shoot a big enemy. But plans were scrapped and the two-part pilot episode was later to become a telefilm.