Website Category Date passed Reason(s) Note(s) and/or comment(s) Date Lifted Shinto extremism

Left-wing extremism

2001 Due to the 2001 Clyohrairan terrorist attacks As a result, Shintoism and all members of Ayoninosre were banned from the country, all Shintos were deported and all Shogun of Ayoninosre were tortured and executed by the Government, the secret police and the armed forces, causing the organization to dissolved, but the organization was reestablished in 2006 under the same name.
The Pirate Bay Piracy 2006 Due to violations of intellectual property Citizens in Clyohraira were torrenting and downloading movies illegally, so anyone that torrents and downloads movies illegally after the Anti-piracy Act 2006 was passed were persecuted and then were sentenced to death.
Wikipedia Encyclopedia 2008 Due to the unreliability of information Still to this day, Wikipedia is still banned to everyone to access, despite having peer reviews in Wikipedia.
Google Maps Web mapping 2009 Due to the high resolution of military camps and facilities and it can also be used by terrorists to attack locations in Clyohraira.
Google Earth
Aviarse Political campaign 2010 Due to the promotion of left-wing indoctrination in Clyohraira. The founders of Aviarse, their employees and the people that voted for the political campaign to succeed were executed. The website was shut down and banned by the Government of Clyohraira.
Wallpart N/A 2020 Due to this website stealing people's art and users are in massive risk of the website stealing people's information for reporting against them or filling in the form, causing people's computers to get hacked, this would also happen by them stealing arts/photos from other users. The website steals art from DeviantArt, Tumblr, and etc.

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