This is a complete List of Websites banned in Elsetland by the Elsetlands Broadcast Association, Organization also in charge of Regulating the Internet of Elsetland of Controversial Websites.


The Blockades have been occurring since 2007, in Pages that generated controversy between the Islands of Elset and / or that have received complaints of Minorities, Communities of Parents or Companies being Irregular or harmful to certain publics.

These blockades however, have generated a Conspiracy against the Elsetland Broadcast Association, this Conspiracy mistrusts the purposes of the Association, as these purposes are dismissed as Occult or "try to stop the freedom of expression", which clearly is not so...

Banned websites list

Website Category Date Passed Reason(s) Note(s)
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Animal rights 2003 Banned due to the promotion of animal cruelty in their flash games. Due to complaints by Organizations for the Rights of Animals and as Preventive Measures.
eBaum's World Entertainment 2004 Banned due to copyright concerns over users being able to upload illegally downloaded shows, movies, and video games. Same case of The Pirate Bay
MegaUpload File sharing 2018
Crunchyroll Video streaming 2012 The site is still accessible, but all sexually suggestive and pornographic content are removed. Only pornographic Animes are blocked from the site entirely for children under 21 years of age.
Rule34 Art media 2014 Banned to minor of 20 years for its exterme pornography content. The site redirects to
The Pirate Bay File sharing The Website violated many Copyright Ineternational Laws After complaints from several companies that the site was distributing content for free and pirated, the site was totally blocked, only by the Copyright Laws violated by the site.
Pornhub Pornography 2016 Banned for its excessive pornographic content.
Tumblr Microblogging and social networking 2017 The site is still accessible, but all sexually suggestive and pornographic content are removed One year after the Tumblr Reforms, the site may no longer have restrictions.
XVIDEOS Pornography 2015 Banned for its excessive pornographic content.
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