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This is a complete list of websites banned in Nintendosia by their ministry of culture.

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Reason(s) Note(s) Lifted
Lemmy's Land Fansite 1998 This site uses Mario characters, which are copyrighted.
Google Search Engine 2008

at 7:80 PM

There's No Reason, It Was Banned by Accident 1 Hour after it got banned, the ban got lifted 2008

at 8:80 PM

Flash Games November 6th,


The Company Received a lawsuit from Nintendo stating That The Games had content stolen from Mario www.Pouetpu-Games.ntsia isn't banned, though it is only used for non-Mario Games

Imageboard December


The Site Features Content Inappropriate for Minors Yotsuba Appears saying "This site is not available in your country"

Fan Gaming January 1st,


The Company Received a lawsuit from Nintendo stating That The Games had content stolen from Mario

February 14th, 2013 However, they need to go into

MFGG.ntsia instead, which is now related to Monkeys, The Website is Now Changed to Monkeys Fun and Good Games.




March 15th,


The site is still accessible, but mature content and fetish art was banned Clicking on the Art says "This Art is not available in your country!
Emuparadise ROM Site March 30th, 2013 The site contains ROMs, which is deemed illegal Going onto the Site Says "Thank You Mario! But Your ROM Site is in Another Country!"



Media April 1st, 2013 The Company Received a lawsuit from Nintendo stating That They Stole Media from Super Mario

Programming May 9th,


Some Projects used Copyrighted Content Without Permission The Ban Was Lifted After Many People Claimed That The Site Must Be Unbanned 2020


Pornography June 2013 This Site Contains Pornographic Content not meant for minors

OS-Tan Collections

Unknown November 2013 Futaba Channel got sued by Nickelodeon, suggesting that ME-Tan's Hair was too similar to Jimmy Neutron's Hair, This Also Applies To Other Things related to OS-Tans The Ban Was Lifted After The Claim was False 2020

Streaming April 2014 Profanity


September 2015
YouTube Video Submitting August 2016 The site is still accessible, but Nintendosians could no longer watch age-restricted videos, Fetish videos are even blocked.

Mario Making Mods

Modding August 2017 The Site is About Hacking, Which is Banned in That Country


Hacking 2018


Film/Video company & services June 16, 2018 Banned due to the Ministry of Culture reported the Miracle Service Studios that reusing the blood content. The website is not banned yet on the URL:
Furaffinity [dot] net Art Submitting 2020 When The Ministry of Culture Saw A Rant of the site made by LucianoTheWindowsFan, The Nintendosian News Reported that Over 100 Fetishes was uploaded to the site and that a Million Furries used This Site, The Site was Banned in favor of a Sub Domain called where No Fetishes was added in the rules
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