Little Girl 2

What she looks like in Season 20-present

Little Girl 2 By Bunearyguy

Her original look.

Little Girl 2 is a clone of Little Girl. She is a female version of Little Guy 2


On April 4, 1994, Little Girl walked into a mad scientist's laboratory with a bunch of clothes on pure accident, and walked into a cloning machine. With her DNA in the machine, a exact copy of her was created, though one of the shirts (which was purple) screwed up the cloning process which caused the clone to appear, wearing a purple colored shirt and bow.


  • She has orange skin and brown hair.
  • She wears a purple bow.
  • She wears a purple shirt and a blue skirt on.
  • She wears purple slippers on her feet.


  • Little Girl 2 is voiced by Alina Withers, and sometimes by her understudy Denise Oliver who does a "darn good" impression of Alina's Little Girl 2 voice, which she also uses for Maurecia on Wayside, Kitty Ko on Sidekick, Mina Beff on Grojband, Hazel on My Friend Rabbit, Nowaguma on Beyblade, and Irma on Cyberchase.
    • In Canadian and European French she is voiced by Belgian singer and actress Lio, who is a judge on the French "pop idol" show Nouvelle Star and was the voice of Goldie in the French version of Rock-a-Doodle.
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