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Lignen Hammil "Little Guy" Gunpanow, (better known as Little Guy and formerly known as Big Guy), is the main protagonist of Greeny Phatom, The Greeny Phatom Show and its spin-off New Greeny Phatom. He was born on March 2, 1986. He once led the Anti-Gree City Army with a lot of Greeny Phatom characters (except Santed Sailor), as well as those from Geo's World, World of Jake, Luke City, Finley's World, the GoAnimate grounding series, and the Murkekow Fad, as well as the Baxter Bros and more (except (Gree City) in Greeny Phatom The Movie 3. He is voiced by AT&T Mike.



He wears a pink T-Shirt, and he has orange skin and black eyes.


He is sometimes mad, but still can be friendly at any time.

Also hates the stupid Gree City show. We do too, right?

Appearances in Greeny PhatomEdit

Little Guy appears in every episode of Greeny Phatom and New Greeny Phatom, except "The Cure of Santed Sailor" and others.

New Greeny PhatomEdit

Coming Soon!

LikesEdit ◾Dr. Beanson ◾Little Guy 2 ◾Little Girl ◾Geo Guy

HatesEdit ◾Santed Sailor ◾Dr. Beanson (sometimes) ◾Gangster Sailor ◾Bob Beanson ◾Gree Guy ◾Memy9909 (2011-2012) ◾Gree City ◾Green Bob (sometimes) ◾Geo Guy (sometimes) ◾Greecity2011 (Greeny Phatom Wiki) ◾GreeGuy2001 ◾2011greecity ◾Barney The Dinosaur ◾SadLittleiCarlyFan ◾Macaroni27 ◾Bryan Guy ◾Pingux2012 ◾Teletubbies



Little Guy


Another photo of Little Guy


Little Guy


Little Guy


Little Guy in The GreenyWorld Game Gallery


Little Guy in the LGI Shop


Gangster Sailor beating Little Guy

Pepsi gp

Little Guy promoting Pepsi

Under Construction!

Little Guy as a worker


Little Guy in the Greeny Phatom Comic


Title cools

Big Guy (original Little Guy) in the title of the pilot.

Gree Guy is trap by little guy

Little Guy traps Gree Guy


Dr. Beanson, Little Girl and Little Guy

Little Guy from Greeny Phatom

Little Guy


Little Guy


LG in Greeny Phatom comic


Little Guy angry


Little Guy in "Summer Fun"

Little Guy

Little Guy


Little Guy walking around


Little Guy and Gum

Little Guy on wikipedia

Little Guy on Wikipedia in the unaired episode, Little Guy Goes on Wikipedia


Little Guy Sleepwalking from the episode The Sleepwalking

Little Guy as he appears in Greeny LOL

Little Guy in Greeny LOL


Puppet little guy

Little Guy in his Puppet Form.


Little Guy pointing at the Time Machine.


Little Guy as he appears in Tj's World.

Hey little guy here by mariobrasilu9-d4oqt16

Little Guy as he appears in Revamped Greeny Phatom.

Little Guy Art

Concept Art of Little Guy by Geo G.

Little Guy Presutable Woard Style

Little Guy Japanese Style by Presutable Woard

Little guy trollface

Little Guy Troll face


Little Guy in Got Milk

Little Guy yay!

Little Guy saying, "YAY!"


Little Guy as if he went crazy.

Little guy s new look by geoshea-d5ot2tr

Little Guy's new look


Little Guy seen on Punic Circle.

Little guy gentelmen

No More gree guy

Little Guy

Little Guy's face


little guy scolding Mikey Guy for shaving Dr. Mother Bald.

Little Guy fsjal

Little Guy's fjal by Terrificante41

Little Guy in Geo TV

Little Guy as he appears in Geo TV.

Little guy

parksprings1's version of little guy (2013)

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