Little Guy 11 in both male and female forms

Little Guy 11 in both male and female forms

Little Guy 11 (also known as Little Girl 4) is the 11th Little Guy clone and the 4th Little Girl clone, and the first gender-bending character on the show. He/she is voiced by Andrew DeLuma in male form and Crystal Stainton (teenage daughter of show creator Robert Stainton) in female form.


While cloning himself for an 11th Little Guy clone, Little Girl walked in on Little Guy doing the cloning process. She accidentally put her hand in the DNA bowl at the last second, and Little Guy 11/Little Girl 4 was born.


  • He/she has a pink bob cut in female form (no hair in male form)
  • He/she is wearing a red shirt and pants (a light black shirt in male form)



  • According to his female form's voice actress Crystal Stainton, he was inspired by Divine and Ranma ½.
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