Living in Media is an El Kadsreian-Mahrian satirical show produced by CPN Two which first aired in February 1995, making it the longest-running television series in Mahri since the end of the Mahrian show Blast of The Past in 2014. It is currently the fifth longest-running television series in El Kadsre. It was created by Simon Piotrov, an El Kadsreian refugee.


The show depicts the daily life of an average family in Hosshia, the capital of a fictional country called Media, a single-party state led by a crazy dictator named Clarence Mllan (in the first 7th seasons) then followed by his son Douglas (since the 2007 relaunch), crazy as well. The Natiuihi are the chairmen of the Coopers Party, an extremist party with Communist and Nazi elements. Each episode is based on a new insane decision of the Coopers.

Political engagement

The show has been depicted by communists as "a capitalist propaganda against Communism", as Media looks like Mahri. The first dictator, Clarence Mllan, is an anagram of Jimmy Spahero and the name of the capital, El Kadsre City, an anagram of Capulco. Media reverted is Romrac, which could be misheard as Eirabourne. The fact that Simon Piotrov, the creator of the series, is a Mahri refugee doesn't help.

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