"Logophilia" is the seventh episode in the 25th season of Greeny Phatom. It was written by Al Kolhart and Arnold Marcus and directed by show creator Robert Stainton. The episode aired on February 15, 2020.


Little Guy stays up all night looking at logos on Google Images and feels sick. He visits Dr. Beanson, who diagonses Little Guy with a medical condition called logophilia. The symptoms of logophilia include nausea—which Little Guy felt—dizzyness, and red skin.

Little Guy is given a medication called Humpsidine, which he takes but gets dizzy from. He later passes out and wakes up in the sky looking at the 1999 Warner Bros. Pictures logo.

After nine weeks of sitting on the cloud, Little Guy flies and touches the shield. The shield turns grayscale, shrinks, and disappears.

Little Guy wakes up in his bed, realizing he was dreaming.

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