Los Tenpurcos is an American 1993 animated science fiction film written & directed by Jack Kromen. The film follows Alina, a young girl who sneaks onto a tanker ship to the industrial city of Los Tenpurcos. While there, she forms a friendship with a blacklisted officer by the name of Eddie Burbick, who is trying to take down a drug cartel run by the Russian Mafia.


The year is 2046. The world has changed since then. Some cities have become mystical utopias while some have been reduced to dystopian wastelands. Los Tenpurcos falls in the latter.

Meanwhile in a different city up north, we're introduced to one of our main characters, Alina, who is first shown shopping in a local convenience store. After purchasing her items and leaving, she is immediately targeted by a group of Asian gangsters, who she seems to have stolen from.

She is chased after them, going through tunnels, eventually arriving at a harbor. She loses them temporarily, but is still worried they may find her again, looking to get away from the gangsters, she takes notice of a tanker ship, still with an open gangway, seeing this as a way to escape the gangsters, she runs to ship and enters.

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