Lucas Creelman (born June 9, 1976) is an American voice actor and television personality. He started out in New York City working for 4Kids Entertainment, Audioworks Producers Group, TAJ Productions, and Central Park Media.


Lucas was born on the Saudi Aramco Residential Camp in Dhahran in Saudi Arabia to American parents employed by Saudi Aramco. He attended the American School in Switzerland and later, after his father retired from Saudi Aramco, Manchester High School West.

He began voice acting at Central Park Media in 1997 whilst attending Kingsborough Community College.

In 2015, he stopped working in New York City and moved to Fitchburg, Massachusetts. His role of Lee-Rin in the English dub of Diary of a Night Watchman was taken over by James Carter Cathcart.

He currently voice acts for Lazy River Studios and Boston City Sound Studios and hosts the public access program Tech Talk with Lucas.

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