Łukasz Chūjirō Morokuzu (born July 18, 1958), better known as Lucas Force, is an El Kadsreian singer, musician, actor, artist, and teacher.


Łukasz Chūjirō Morokuzu was born in Caelum, El Kadsre. His father, Andrew Krzyzanowski (1935-1998), was of Polish, French, Armenian, and Persian descent. His mother, Ryōka Morokuzu (1934-2006), was an immigrant from Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan. His parents divorced when he was in Kindergarten, and when he was in high school, he began to suffer from depression and was bullied for his personality. He dropped out of high school as a junior and ended up finding work as a mattress salesman.

In 1983, an unemployed and unhappy Morokuzu moved to El Kadsre City , where he lived in a commune in the suburb of West Avohkah. In that same year, he bought a copy of the Devo album Oh, No! It's Devo and underwent what he calls a "musical awakening". He left the commune, moved into a shotgun house, and built a 6-foot by 8-foot underground bunker in the shotgun house's small backyard. Inside the bunker was a small mixing deck, two tape recorders, and his instruments. He recorded his first album, I Wanted Love, in the bunker, and gained the name of Lucas Force. He ended up signing with El Kadsreian Melody, who released the album in July of 1985. The album was a smash success despite Lucas' past, and he recorded six more successful albums for the label.

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