Luciano Existe is a OneTuber and was a YouTuber

Les Merditas (2013-2016)

Les Merditas (The Little Shits in English) was a YouTube channel, it hosted Luciano talking about life things and vlogging.

It started to be monetized in late 2013.

He got a copyright strike in 2015 because of a video that Lucas was watching Nick Jr.

Loreto Blue Fan (2016-2017)

He changed the channel's name to Loreto Blue Fan in 2016

He used to do gacha videos and lost media findings

In March 26th, 2017, he published his last video, he afirmed that YouTube becomed a big trash basket and he couldn't do nothing for avoid that hell, he linked his OneTube account in the description

Sou Luciano (2017-2019)

Sou Luciano was his first OneTube account

He started to be monetized on mid 2018

He come out as Transsexual in January 2019 and started to reupload his YouTube videos in February 2019

Lucianoball (2019)

He did countryballs and fictional tv channels videos in mid 2019

Luciano Existe (2019-)

In November 2019, he changed his name to Luciano Existe

He does in most of his videos multilanguanges,vlogs,findings,reactions,fandom things,rants,salutes and gameplays (principally Subway Surfers, Dream League Soccer, Angry Birds RIO, Bitlife and WorldBox)

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