Ludendorff was established in 1945, and still retains some of its original buildings.

Little else is known about the town's history, other than it being home to the "Midwest's Biggest Beaver" which was built in 1987 and stands 10 meters tall[1].

The town is very small, with its amenities centered on Cavalry Boulevard, the main street running through the town. The town's population is given as 918 on the welcome sign[2], however this is undated. There are no radio stations available in the town, but there is a newspaper, the Ludendorff Weekly although it is sometimes not published owing to a lack of newsworthy events.

Ludendorff has its own in-game Lifeinvader page which is only accessible by Trevor. It states the town has 3 churches, 3 liquor stores and 3 Ammu-Nations. A resident named Eddie Joyner has claimed the largest radish in the state of North Yankton for 9 consecutive years. The town is obviously usually cold and snowy, as the Lifeinvader posts include mention of 51 degrees F being unusually hot.

In both of its appearances the exploration of the town is considerably restricted, not allowing the player to follow any paths other than the main road. During the night at the end of the main road there is a low-textured illuminated wall, this "wall" is unsolid. The wall is probably created to make the illusion of a bigger town, in fact, after the crossroad for the Church the town is not designed to be explored.

Ludendorff is known to have a stenchful, foul odor during parts of the year due to "sewer malfunctions." When Michael and Trevor are hanging out together, they might mention this and reflect on it, sarcastically claiming they're glad they "didn't die in a place that smelled so bad."

An alien can be found frozen under some transparent ice. The alien looks the same as those who abduct Michael De Santa

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