Betty Riverdale (b. 1st September, 1960), better known as her stage name MC Granny, is a Jetanie children’s entertainer, actress, rapper, songwriter, DJ, and television and radio host.

As a musician, MC Granny combines elements of gangsta rap and hardcore hip hop with elements of teen pop, novelty songs and children’s music. She has became a prominent figure in children’s media due to her frequent appearances. She became a member of The Dabimals in 2017.

Early life

Betty Riverdale was born on 1st September, 1960 in Éskapee, Jetania. Her parents were British immigrants, who fled to the country in the 1940s, known at the time as Ghost Island, for shelter during the second world war.


1988 to 1991

Riverdale made her debut in showbiz in 1988 , working as a DJ at (mainly children’s) parties and hosting several different radio shows. She also acted as a hype man for rappers such as MC Hammer, Slick Rick, Vanilla Ice, Big Beat, MC Rock and Kilobite during their tours in the Jetanie region.

Public image

Since she began releasing music in the 1990s, MC Granny and her discography have been met with extremely negative reviews, and she is usually seen as a laughing stock in the media. However, she has also been praised by several iconic hip hop artists, and makes frequent appearances in panel shows and game shows.

In more recent years, her music has began to make fun of her critics.

Personal life

Riverdale married Rod Gateberry on 13th April, 1982. The two had four children before seperating and divorcing in 1989. Riverdale has a total of nine grandchildren.

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