MIDI-Didi is the stage name of Nigerian-born Kuboian singer and television personality Yetunde Funmi Ilesanmi (b. 15th January, 1984).

Early life

Yetunde was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1984 into a Yoruba family. She immigrated with her parents to Jaillage, East Kuboia in 1993 when she was 10 years old.

She was hired to be a Nick Go! presenter in 2001 after Rodrick Miles encountered her and her then-boyfriend Andreas (see below) at a They Might Be Giants concert in Hausekeep, North Kuboia. Her first single "Alexandria Way" was recorded in Toronto, and was written by Fiedorowicz-Bellingham-Cornelissen and produced by Miles and Zoltán Erőss.

Personal Life

At age 23, she married her boyfriend Andreas Magoulas, a Greek-American boy she met in a market in the Kuboian Borders. The two have two children, Bart and Keiko.

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