The main syndication channels.

TV Networks

Fabulous Four

  • Maddoxia TV 1 (1955-present, formerly Maddoxia TV from 1955-1964, covers normal syndicated broadcasting for the time periods including Saturday Morning in the 80s and News all the time)
  • Maddoxia TV 2 (1964-present, used to mostly cover the 1964 World's Fair when it launched, but for the 10th Anniversary of the network, it is changed to cover "Prime Time 24/7" due to video releases gradually becoming more common and less people come for prime time, in 1990 it became a cartoon channel, favoring the Simpsons like 2010s Cartoon Network favors TTG until 1994 when it's current identity was born, a sports network)
  • Maddoxia TV 3 (1967-present, a children's network since the very beginning, except in the early 90s when the 2nd network was becoming a cartoon network, since cartoons were always for kids and the Simpsons was considered "for kids" at the time, it was changed to become a preschool network, before being back to a normal Children's network in the mid 90s)
  • Maddoxia TV 4 (1969-present, annoyed with lots of "The Wonderful World of Color/Disney/Disneyland" taking up the network, the CEO Merk Divi (English: Mark Davy) decided to make an entire Disney themed channel, until the Saturday morning era when it was changed to a news channel which it is still to this day, a news channel)


  • Maddoxia Movie Channel (1985-present, filled to the brim with movies)


  • Maddoxia TV 5 (1994-2000, Temporarily a preschool channel, due to the launch, the name has changed to The Fabulous Five instead of Four, due to the launch of spin off channel Maddoxia EI, which is a preschool channel 12/5, it was shut down in 2000, however, there were originally plans to turn it into a roller coaster channel sponsored by Arrow Dynamics by 2002, however, due to their money problems before they went bankrupt a year later, the channel idea was cancelled and the channel went of the air in 2000. However, the channel has been reused several times, including the October 12th attack on the World Trade Center Maddoxia as Maddoxia TV WTC and to test bumpers and screen bugs throught 2005-2008, however in 2008 they have tested it via computer, the final use was in 2015, to celebrate the 50th anniversary, it was temporarily brought back with a new logo and aired preschool shows from when the channel existed that aired on it including Blue's Clues and PB&J Otter)
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