Magical Cyber Girl Tecknita, known simply in Japan as Tecknita (テクニータ Tekunīta), is a Japanese-El Kadsreian anime series produced by El TV Kadsre Animation and Drillimation Studios. The series focuses on a lab assistant named Mikaela Watts, who transforms into the superheroine Tecknita, to protect Mirai City from the virus group known as the Plague.

Prior to the premiere of the series, Tecknita appeared in a cameo role in the film Blitzivan: Instruments of Destruction. The series premiered on March 22, 2014, and concluded on May 16, 2015. The show premiered in Japan on June 30, 2016 on TV Tokyo, and the show will premiere on September 11, 2019 ,on Disney XD.


Set in Mirai City, a lab assistant named Mikaela Watts has been selected to test out a new transformation system known as TransTek. During the process, the lab was suddenly attacked, giving Mikaela the opportunity to transform into the Superheroine Tecknita, and faced off the enemies. Now she protects the city from the Plague, an organization that is made up of viruses that take the appearance of humans.

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