Magisteria, also known as the United Magisterian States (not to be confused with the United Mexican States) is a country located in the North Pacific Ocean near Alaska, Minecraftia, Canada and the El Kadsreian Islands. It is one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Magisteria is a member of the United Nations and ranks among one of the highest in international measurements of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education. It is one of the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, the product of large-scale immigration from many other countries. Magisteria's long and complex relationship with the United States and Canada.

The capital city of Magisteria is Annesia, named after the 20th Queen of North Pacificia, Annesia Terianomali.


Prehistory (100 million years ago-1367)

About 75 years after the Pangea broke apart, a asteroid the size of a football field struck on the North Pacific Ocean making a 10 m (328 ft) tsunami to Alaska, Minecraftia, and West Canada and forming a new land soon to be known as "Magisteria". Magisteria was discovered by an ancient tribes in 45th century BC.

The North Pacificia Monarchy (1367-1601)

Between 1366 and 1367, The country used the Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy which lasted for 234 years until North Pacificia was ruled by the Great Britain on December 12, 1601.

Ruled by the Great Britain (1601-1784)

After 234 years of the North Pacificia Monarchy, the United Kingdom ruled North Pacificia starting with a war on November 30, 1601 resulting Britain winning while North Pacificia lost.

Independence and name change (1784-present)

on June 5, 1784, The country declared independence, It changed its name to Magisteria, and has been independent for 235 years. Magisterians recognize North Pacificia as the predecessor country of Magisteria. The country was renamed to Magisteria after the first North Pacificia king, King Magistion Terianomali. The capital city of the country was named after Queen Annesia Terianomali.

Japan partnership (1785-1847)

Japan and Magisteria were partners for 62 years. However, Japan had an intense war with Magisteria in 1847, ending the partnership and causing Magisteria to change. currencies.

United States partnership (1849-present)

The United States and Magisteria have had a very strong partnership since 1849. The partnership does not extend to governmental policy alignment but enjoys the support and approval of the citizens of both the countries as well.

North, South, West and East Magisteria (1920-present)

On February 29, 1920; North, South, West and East parts of Magisteria formed, and the 35 states formed just 5 days later. The islands on Magisteria are not considered to be states of the country, according to the President of Magisteria in 1920.


Magisteria has 35 states, Libertonia is the largest state and Orthana is the smallest state. Magisteria has 24 external territories.


The economy of Magisteria is the largest in the world. As of 2019, Magisteria has a GDP nominal of M$35.1 trillion (US$91.1 trillion) and a GDP PPP of M$50 trillion (US$129.8 trillion). The Magisterian dollar is the official currency of the nation. The currency of the nation is the 3rd highest-valued currency in the world.


  • Magisteria's currency is dollar
  • Magisteria's current population is about 900.3 million people.
  • The marriage age is 19 in Magisteria.
  • The average age is 50 in Magisteria.
  • Magisteria's national food is Erian, a mixture of Potatoes and Beef with a mixture of Tomato Sauce and Honey.
  • Magisteria's dialing code is +1
  • 10 Rare Animals in the World are common to Magisteria, even the Albino Lobster is common to Magisteria.
    • 10 Rare Animals common to Magisteria
      1. White Lion
      2. Golden Tiger
      3. Pink Katydid
      4. Snow Leopard
      5. 2 Tusked Narwhal
      6. Albino Peacock
      7. Addra Gazelle
      8. Red Wolf
      9. Multi-coloured Lobster
      10. Albino Lobster


The school days are Monday to Friday. The school time are from 5:45am to 11:45am

There are 9 levels of education in Magisteria

  • Kindergarten (4-5)
  • Secondary Kindergarten (5-7)
  • Tertiary Kindergarten (7-9)
  • Primary School (9-12)
  • Middle School (12-14)
  • Junior High School (14-16)
  • Senior High School (16-18)
  • College (18-20)

In High schools, The school time are from 6:30am to 12:35pm

Schools are off every 4 weeks for Christmas or Winter break (December to January).


Magisteria is located at the North Pacific Ocean and very near to Canada. A common temperature in Magisteria is about 2°C every year.

The hottest maximum temperature on Magisteria was 29°C, recorded on September 1, 1988, on Ames, The coldest maximum temperature was a whopping -67°C, which was recorded on December 25, 1992, It was deadly since it killed 300 people by Hypothermia in the City of Pluto. The second coldest maximum temperature was -47°C, recorded on December 31, 2013 at West Aegaeon, Saturnia.


Magisteria is a federal and presidential constitutional republic. The Magisterian political system is operated under the 1788 Magisterian Consitution. The Magisterian Constitution was created on October 27, 1786, it was presented on November 8, 1786, it was ratified on May 1, 1787 and it was effective on March 26, 1788.


Magisterian media mainly and only uses English. Magisteria has four major television networks: MBC, 9, ABC and CBS. Television commercial breaks last for 2-7 minutes. The radio networks in Magisteria are: MotivationRadio (The 9 Network's radio network), Radio5, and CBS Radio.

Variety shows are also a big part of Magisterian television like Philippine television. Wowowillie is the highest-rated variety show of Magisterian television today.


As of January 1, 2020, The population of the country is estimated at 896,550,437 people making it one of the most populous countries in the world.

By 2035, It is recognized that Magisteria will reach 1.1 billion people


The national recognized languages of Magisteria is English and French, 45% of the Population of Magisteria are multilingual.


Magisteria's national sport is Basketball


Magisteria is located under Alaska, Minecraftia, near West Canada and above of the El Kadsreian Islands and the United Mennelizebrian Federation with a temperature of -3°C to 2°C. Magisteria is known for it's Snowy Beaches which the country has 35 snowy beaches at 7 states.

Point of interest

  • Libertonia Ice River - The Libertonia Ice River is a frozen river which never melts every season of Magisteria
  • Ames Mosque - The Ames Mosque is the largest mosque in Magisteria
  • Annesia Presidential Museum - The Annesia Presidential Museum is a museum with small monuments and presidential limos of former presidents.
  • Annesia Grand Monument - The Annesia Grand Monument is a complex of monuments containing 100 figures. The central part of the monument consist of a three 20-meter-tall (66 ft) silver statues of former presidents William Pearce, Crofton Maddison and Marion Van Buren.
  • The Magisterian Presidential Cemetery - The Magisterian Presidential Cemetery is a private cemetery where the Dead Former Presidents are buried.
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