Mailbox Productions is a British-Amedisan-French production studio, founded in 1990, with its first TV show being Sketchovision (1992) and its first movie being The Red Point Shoes (1998). It is owned in part by Bonjour Media (a French company) since 2005, therefore making it partially French.

TV shows

  • Sketchovision (1991-2011, Children's BBC One)
  • What Will Darlena Find? (1994-2013, Children's BBC One)
  • Baby Alive (1996-present, Children's BBC Two)
  • So What? (1999-2000, Nickelodeon)
  • Katherine Kitty (2003-2005, Nickelodeon)
  • Bit slow and Bibs (Baby Alive spin-off) (2005-2006, CBBC)
  • Slithery Skina (lost media) (2005, SBC4Kids)
  • Chicken Girl (2005-2011, Nickelodeon)
  • Dane's World (2005-2009, Jetix)
  • The Secret Garden (2010-present, The Fifth)
  • Wenta'u Færieu (2011-2017, Cartoonito)
  • Sakura Sally (2011-2014, CITV)
  • Green Hills (2017-present, CBeebies Island of Sally)
  • Sagwa on the Go (2018-present, distribution by 9 Story)
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