Malodin is the capital and the largest city of YinYangia. It has the lowest crime rate and is the cleanest city in the world. It has the second most skyscrapers per capita, with 7 skyscrapers per sq mi (km²).

Malodin comes from two words from the language, Tottomic. Malo means Skyscraper, and Din means City, which means this city has so many skyscrapers, but less than Azara City.

The city was founded in 1855, the period when Toralaqian King, Lamoand Uirmanz, ruled YinYangia. Malodin is the second safest city in the world, behind Linga and followed by Fusid City.



The population of the city is 26,583,381, as of 2020.


The GDP per capita of the city is $854 billion.


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