The Mama Parsons is a a light commercial van produced by the Sherbetian automobile manufacturer Mama. It is loosely based from the Toyota Hiace. It is available in a wide range of body configurations, including a minivan/MPV, minibus, panel van, crew van, pickup truck, taxi and an ambulance.


The Mama Parsons is available in 5 variants:

  • GL (base variant, 5-speed MT)
  • GL Plus (between GL and GLX, available in 5-speed MT or 4-speed AT)
  • GLX (4-speed AT)
  • GLS (both available in 5 and 6-speed AT)
  • GLS Sport (6-speed)



The Mama Parsons was globally launched in Sherbetia in March 2008, then for production in June. It is available in all of the variants available for this, however, the body configuration of the van is only available in a panel van and as a minivan or MPV.

Federal Republic of St. Lawrence

Mama Motors released the Parsons in late 2010 for the market in the Federal Republic of St. Lawrence. It is also known as the flagship Laurentian car brand of Mama Motors. The Parsons is available in all variants, and unlike Sherbetia, the Mama Parsons is available in various body configurations:

  • Panel van
  • Taxi
  • Minibus
  • Minivan/MPV
  • Crew van
  • Ambulance
  • Police van (exclusively for the Federal Laurentian Mounted Police, aka the Laurentian Mounties)

El Kadsre

The Mama Parsons was launched in El Kasdre in 2010 for poor people. Begins at $9,990

Usage in media/In Popular Culture

Main article: Mama Motor Company in popular culture

Because of the Parsons' many usages, the van has appeared multiple times in media. Here are the following shows that had either mentioned the Parsons or appeared:

American Dad!

In the season 5 debut episode, "In Country...Club", Roger tries explaining to Hayley how his night watching Barbra Streisand doing Celine Dion songs went. During his explanation, he mentions the Parsons model at the end.

Central News and Current Affairs

The Parsons has became a symbol also for this news department of the Central Television Network's vehicles. When the van was first introduced in St. Lawrence, they bought 7 of them and converted to outside broadcast (OB) vans. Aside from this, the van has appeared multiple times in their shows, an example is the Central Eyewitness News, in which has appeared on 4 of their news opens.


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