Marathon is a 1999 El Kadsreian action-adventure science fiction film based on the 1994 video game of the same name directed and produced by Liam Benson, written by Steve W.D. Kowalski, produced by Bungie and released by El TV Kadsre Films on June 11, 1999.



Production and release

In 1995, following the success of Bungie's FPS Marathon, El TV Kadsre optioned film rights of the game. Steve W.D. Kowalski, an El Kadsreian-American writer was however approached to write the script for the movie.

Liam Benson, who formerly directed and produced Hero Factory feature films was signed on to direct and produce the film.

Filming was however began on March 1998 and ended on October 1998 with a budget of $125 million. Special effects paid $50 million at Digital Creative Center, paid $85 million at Fuse Special Effects and paid $20 million at Cosgrove Hall Films.

The film was released on June 11, 1999 to negative reception from critics, with a El Kadsreian opening weekend of $40 million, and the movie was a box office flop in El Kadsre and other countries.

A cancelled sequel, baed on Marathon 2: Durandal was announced, but cancelled due to the movie being a box office bomb.


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