Maria "Mar" Shan Cruz (born 17 June 1994) is a Merriamian-Filipino politician. She is currently serving as the President of Merriamia.


Early life

Maria Cruz was born in Serremi on June 17, 1994, on Serremi Hospital at exactly 1:00pm. Her father, Manzu Karti, was Merriamian, while her mother, Josephine Cruz, was Filipino. She had two siblings, her sister Marie Cruz and her brother Manzu Cruz II.

She studied on Serremi School and had a childhood friend John Chris De Leon, which became her husband later on.

She graduated college on University of Marxe on 2012.

On politics

She dreamed of being a president on her childhood, but her parents didn't approved the first time, but they approved later on.

On 2013, she became mayor of Serremi. During his term, Serremi became peaceful. Before his term, there are alot of crimes.

On 2016, she tried to run on presidency. She is famous on Merriamia, as the past Serremi mayors couldn't solve the crime problem. So she won the election.

On 2017, she became married to her childhood friend, John Chris De Leon.

On March 18, 2020, she was confirmed pregnant.

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