Marina Abellanosa Kovačević (born June 5, 1980) is a Filipino actress, voice actress, and singer. She is signed to GSTV Artists Center.


Marina is the daughter of Vatroslav Kovačević, a Croatian who was a gaijin tarento in Japan in the 1970's, and Maria Habaña Abellanosa, a Filipino who was also a gaijin tarento in Japan.

List of her acts as voice actors

  • The "Retro" Show!: Ms. Watanabe
  • Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat (Tagalog dub): Sagwa Miao
  • LazyTown (Tagalog dub): Little Sportacus, SportShip Voice
  • Sakura Wars: the Animation (Tagalog dub): Sakura Shinguji, Anastasia Palma
  • Go Jetters (GSTV/Netflix Philippines Tagalog dub): Xuli, unnamed saleslady
  • The Loud House (GSTV Tagalog dub): Lisa Loud, Ronnie Anne Santiago
  • The Casagrandes (Tagalog dub): Ronnie Anne Santiago
  • Total Drama Pahkitew Island (Tagalog dub): Sky
  • The Xs (Tagalog dub): Trudy X, Tuesday X
  • Big City Greens (Tagalog dub): Tilly Green, Cyber Knight Leader
  • World of Quest (Tagalog dub): Way
  • Shimmer and Shine (GSTV Tagalog dub): Shine, Zeta
  • Steven Universe (Tagalog dub): Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire
  • Gleipnir (Tagalog dub): Hikawa
  • Sarah & Duck (Netflix Philippines Tagalog dub): Sarah
  • HiHi Puffy AmiYumi (GSTV Tagalog dub): Julie
  • Brandy and Mr. Whiskers (GSTV Tagalog dub): Brandy Harrington
  • The Buzz of Maggie (Tagalog dub): Maggie Pesky
  • Get Blake! (Tagalog dub): Darla Myers
  • WandaVision (Tagalog dub): Agatha
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