Marineland is an amusement park located in Woodrow, Memphis, Eruowood. It is known for being one of Eruowood's best amusement parks for children.


Marineland first opened in 1969 as a zoo focusing mainly on marine life. Starting in 1979 amusement park rides started being added to the park. In 1994, Cedar Fair bought the park and became the first international park that Cedar Fair owned.

In 1993 the children's ride area got revamped with a few new rides and was renamed as "Adventure Island".

Unlike most Cedar Fair owned parks Marineland doesn't use characters from the Peanuts comics similar to how several Six Flags parks don't have Looney Tunes or DC characters due to the Peanuts Eruowood branding being owned by TechEruo.

Current rides

Roller coasters

Name Year Opened Description
Abandoned Timb3rs 2018 Final ride in the "Mystic Timbers" trilogy, an RMC Raptor Prototype coaster which has the Wonder Woman mirror instead of the RailBlazer mirror.
Crazy Mouse 2006 A Zamperla spinning wild mouse roller coaster.
Dolphin Wave 2011 A Zamperla Motorcoaster with dolphin themed trains
Dragon Fyre 1992 A B&M looping roller coaster. Often seen in park advertisements is being the "star" attraction.
Ladybug 1979 A Zierer Small Tivoli kiddie coaster.
Vortex 2020 An Arrow Dynamics looping roller coaster that was relocated from Kings Island and refurbished by S&S Power. Replacing Silverarrow.

Flat rides

Name Year Opened Description
Eagle's Flight 1988 A Huss Condor ride.
Magic Machine 1990 A Huss Magic ride. The first Huss Magic ride to open in Eruowood.
Riptide 1983 A Mack Sea Storm Ride. Formerly known as "Seesturmbahn" (1983-1985).
Skycoaster 1997 A Skycoaster ride. Extra charges apply.
SS Woodrow 1980 A Huss pirate ship ride.
Viking Ship 1986 A Zierer Flying Carpet ride themed as a viking ship.
Zip Line Bay 2011 A zip line ride over a ball pit. Extra charges apply.


Name Year Opened Description
Beachcombers 1979 A Hampton Rides kiddie umbrella ride with dune buggies.
Bulgy the Whale 1979 An Eyerly Bulgy the Whale ride.
Kiddie Ship 1969 A pirate ship themed playground for children.
Pirate Island 2019 A Proslide ride house. Built as the largest family water slide complex in Eruowood. Extra charges apply.
Pirate Rafts 1993 A Zamperla Mini Jet themed to log rafts.
Roto-Whip 1979 A Mangles kiddie Whip ride.
Sea Breeze 2003 A Zamperla Kite Flyer ride.
Surf's Up! 2008 A Zamperla Skater ride with a surfing theme.
Under the Sea Sub 1993 A Zamperla Crazy Bus ride.

Animal attractions and exhibits

Name Year Opened Description
Bear Mountain 1969 An exhibit with black bears sits below a viewing deck, where visitors can throw marshmallows to them.
Bird Garden 1969 An exhibit with exotic birds like parrots.
Deer Garden 1969 An exhibit with European Fallow Deer are in a fenced-in area which allows people to move about freely. Food is provided for a fee.
Dol-Fun Showcase 1969 A dolphin show and exhibit.
Friendship Farm 1969 A petting zoo with farm animals. Food is provided for a fee.
Shark Cave 1979 An aquarium with various sharks in it.
Tropical Cove 1992 An aquarium with tropical fish in it.

Former rides

Name Year Opened Year Closed Description
Barracuda 1984 2018 A TOGO stand up looping roller coaster. Replaced with Pirate Island.
Silverarrow 1979 2019 A Schwarzkopf "Silverarrow" roller coaster model. Replaced with Vortex.
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