Mark Thomas Jame (born July 4, 1968) is an American film and television producer, actor, voice actor, animator, and screenwriter. He is most well known as the creator of the animated television series Toonified on the Fox network.



Year Title Role(s) Notes
2007 Objectia N/A Screenwriter.
2011 DuckTales: The Diamond Rush N/A Screenwriter.
2020 Looney Tunes: World Apart Chicken Hawk (voice) Also producer and screenwriter.


Year(s) Title Role(s) Notes
1999–present Toonified Stu Funk (voice), Buffy Borks (voice), Greg Garpo (voice), Dan Kreepius (voice), George Maddum (voice) Also creator, executive producer, writer, and director.
2008 The Music-Less Musical Show Patrick Shipps (voice)
2015–present Newcourts Arthur Newcourt (voice), Thomas Newcourt (voice) Also creator, writer, and executive producer.
2019 Super Animated Sketch Comedy N/A Executive producer; season 4 only.
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