Mars is a hybrid console developed by ODIMG Technologies. It was sold in Piramca under the Ben's brand, Japan under the DBC brand, in Ireland and the Commonwealth under Industries Agent brand, in El Kadsre under Nitrome brand and in some countries under the CCG, Nysoni and Laserium brands. The brands will be used for the last time in time for a merger between the brands (except for Nitrome and Laserium).

The console is a last installment in numerous console families, including Nitrome Unity, Nitrome Handtrome, CCG Alpha, CCG Spire, Ben's Period consoles, and the last console to use brands Nysoni and GBC/DBC/CBJ in video game-related things.

It was planned to continue with the Mars console franchise but on January 30, 2019, ODIMG Technologies filed for bankruptcy and The Mars Project was disbanded. The console was discontinued the same day, despite the good sales.

The console was later succeeded by Project Neptune.



The sound system was developed by Vexner Laboratories (another ODIMG subsidiary) specifically for the system. The browser used in the system is Air, developed by Air Labs, also an ODIMG subsidiary.



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  • Laserium Neptune, an independently developed sequel to the console, under license from Old Dominion Interactive Media Group
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