Marvatia (pronounced "Mar-vae-te-ah") or Republic of Marvatia is a country in Europe that has marinal borders with Kuboia, Jetania, Ziakoren, and Sycrene.



During the Ice Age, tribes entered the land now known as Marvatia, they have great relations with the Kuboian tribes and they didn't like the Jetanian tribes so they had conquered most of the tribal land from the Jetanian tribes and the Kuboian tribes did the same thing too. When sea levels were rising, the land became an island.

1946 - 1980's

During the Sparklesist rule of Jetania, Marvatia was called Fypinia.


Atirhan Region

Haybre Region

Kamzarelk Region

Rusanirae Region

 Overseas territories

Main article: Marvatian Overseas Territories
  • Awaertiseral; located in the Bay of Bengal.
  • Ewartuyesce; located in the South China Sea that's disputed with China, Philippines and Vietnam.


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