Mary Jenelay (born May 17, 1978) is an YinYangian actress , celebrity, and voice actress. She is known for playing roles in famous YinYangian movies, TV shows etc.


She was born in a village in Uryangken in 1978. Her father was a mechanic, and her mother was a housewife. In 1983, when she was 5, she was very good at role playing. In 1986, when she was 8, she starred on her first TV show aired on YYInc TV1 from 1986-1991, Crazy Family, which she played the role of Rachel, the youngest kid of the family.

The show became very popular, she started roles in many shows and movies. Mary officially became an actor in 1987. She started voice acting in 1998, voicing Annia from Magically Girlz. She went to The University of Uryangken in 2006. She dated and engaged with YouTuber Isaac Corey Jenalay in 2013, and married in 2015, then shifted to Malodin in 2016. They now live a happy life but Mary still works as an actor and voice actor.


Voicing roles

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