Mateusz Zawoski

Mateusz "Mateś" Zawoski (born on June 15, 2009) is a junior footballer of FC Barcelona who has been playing since 2018.


The boy has black hair (like his father). He has blue shirts in purple checks.



He was born in 2009 when his father played football. When he was 4, he could not fall asleep, saw the ball and put in a conversation between his father and the trainer. Later, he forgot about it and became interested in football.

The beginning of his career

When he went to the 3rd class, he smashed the director's head, thanks to that the father talked to him. The director said that the place for junior FC Barcelona was vacated. The father was surprised that he was not ready to be a football player.

Career of FC Barcelona

The first game with the colors of FC Barcelona was from Atletico Madrid. The coach of the junior team was Maciej Piotrowski. After the match, they stayed at the Hotel. The round match on Saturday happened with Valencia and the first conclave Hermenegildo Vidal.

However, the match was lost and he got injured. He had to have three weeks with a broken leg. Father explained later that he was once a football player and FC Barcelona played at the end of his career.

Later he looked at the cell and remembered that his dad was talking to the trainer. Then he cried and said he was hiding secrets all the time, and then he left.

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