'Masuyo Asano' (Japanese: 浅野益代, Hepburn: 'Asano Masuyo') (born August 24, 1979), better known by his stage name 'Max Axis' (Japanese: 最大軸, Hepburn: 'Saidai-jiku'), is an El Kadsreian film writer, director and creature designer who regularly works in science-fiction and tokusatsu films.

Axis made his feature-film debut with the tokusatsu film The Roboroach, where he acted as the film's screenwriter. He is best known for his writing credits with co-writer and wife Akira Hisashi on several films, notably the Blitzivan franchise, and the CEO of Silver Bullet Pictures. He is also the creator of the cartoon Cyber Ninja.


Early years

Asano was born in August 24, 1979, in El Kadsre City, Vlokozu Union (now El Kadsre) as the youngest of two children. He had an older sister named Chikako Asano (born 1976). At the age of 9, during summer break, he and his parents went on a vacation to Japan. After being impressed by their culture, Max took a Japanese learning course during the trip.

High school and college years

Asano was quite popular during his high school years, due to his ability to speak Japanese well, as well as making several hand-written fanfictions in his spare time, mostly based off various Tokusatsu and anime series such as the Technic Heroes franchise, or his own original ideas. This led him to join the film club in order to peruse his career as a film writer.

After he graduated from high school, Asano attended the Massey University where he met writer Akira Hisashi, who would later go on to become his future wife, where the two discuss writing films and even share each other's works.

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